Now for some serious computing

Computable brings IPython and SciPy to the iPad

Your IPython notebooks have found a new home

Computable is a full-featured IPython system.
Create, edit, and run IPython notebooks on your iPad.

A complete SciPy stack

Computable comes with a full-featured SciPy stack.
Numpy, SciPy, SymPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, it's all there, native extensions included.

Gorgeous notebooks, beautiful maths

Your notebooks have never looked better with Computable's excellent Markdown rendering.
And for beautiful math formulae, both TEX and LATEX environments are supported.

Stunning graphics

The bundled Matplotlib plotting library produces vibrant Retina graphics.

Samples included

Computable comes with a number of polished sample notebooks, to get you started quickly.

Update: Computable is no longer for sale

As of March 2015, I have pulled Computable from the App Store, mostly because of maintenance complexity.

New to IPython?

To learn more about the technology that powers Computable, check out these pages:
IPython homepage, SciPy homepage