Compositor 1.14

Compositor 1.14 brings support for macOS Catalina!

Here’s a selection of what’s new in this release. As usual, the complete list of fixed bugs and new features can also be found on Github.


Add notarization to build process #384

Supporting macOS Catalina did not require any actual code changes. However, the build process needed to be adapted to include so-called “Notarization”, a process in which Apple scans the Compositor binary for malware or other security issues. You can read more about Notarization on Apple’s website.

Replace automatic document reloading with menu item #517

In previous versions of Compositor, the app would watch the document file for external modifications and automatically reload the document if a change was detected.

This change detection somehow behaved differently under macOS 10.15 than on previous OS versions, and I thought it might be better to get rid of this “feature” altogether anyway. It’s probably easier to understand for users if this reloading is a manual operation triggered by an item in the File menu:

Next Up

Release 1.15 is scheduled for November 19; the scope of this release is still to be determined.