Compositor 1.13

Compositor 1.13 is available!

Due to some lack of time in the last couple of weeks, this is a smaller release with only a handful of improvements and bugfixes.

Here’s a selection of what’s new in this release. As usual, the complete list of fixed bugs and new features can also be found on Github.


Improved toolbox search #63

Previously, toolbox search would only find items by displayed item name or command name. In this release, a simple tag-based search has been added.

For example, all binary operators will now be found when searching for either “binary” or “operator”:

Likewise, delimiter symbols will now be found when searching for “delimiter” or “bracket”:

Other examples are “accents”, and “relations”:

At some point, the mapping of tags to symbols will be user-configurable. Also, support for AMS math symbols is planned.

Don’t wrap formatting commands in \verb when pasting text #487

Please refer to the bug description, it has nice screenshots that show the problem.



Next Up

Release 1.14, scheduled for October 29, will bring support for macOS 10.15 Catalina.