Compositor 1.12

Compositor 1.12 is available!

Here’s a selection of what’s new in this release. As usual, the complete list of fixed bugs and new features can also be found on Github.


Section labels #488

The section inspector now has a Label field that lets you add a label to a section:

Insert / Reference #55

Closely related to labels, the Insert menu now has a menu item for inserting references:

This will bring up a panel that shows a list of all the labels in your document, and lets you insert cross or page references at the caret position:

A cross reference can be used to refer to a labeled object (sections, tables, figures), e.g. “See section 1 for more details”.

A page reference can be used to refer to the page on which a labeled object can be found, e.g. “The table on page 29 shows…“.

The dropdown box in the lower left corner acts as a filter:

It is a good practice (although not required) to prefix labels with the type of object it refers to, e.g. “sec:” is commonly used for section labels, “tab:” is used for table labels, and so on. Setting the filter to “Sections” will then show only labels that have a “sec:” prefix, and so on.

This Wiki page has more information on common label prefixes, and on labels and references in general.

“Delete Section” and “Delete Heading” buttons in section inspector #492 #495

The section inspector now has buttons to delete either the entire selected section, or just the section header (leaving the section text in place):

Insert / delete section from outline view #202 #478

Also, you can now insert sections via the outline view’s context menu (previously, this was only possible via the Insert menu):

Note that there’s two more menu items to delete either the selected section heading, or the entire section. These menu items correspond to the two new buttons in the section inspector.

Together, these additions should make changing the structure of your document faster and more intuitive.

Page rendering performance improvements #496

Page rendering performance has been improved in this version. You may notice less lag when typing.


Next Up

Release 1.13 is scheduled for October 1, four weeks from today. Please let me know if there’s anything you want to see addressed in the next version.