Compositor 1.11

After a long stall of the release pipeline, Compositor 1.11 is finally available! I apologize for the long delay, but I really wanted to rewrite some core code to put it on a sounder footing.

Here’s what’s new in this release. As usual, the complete list of fixed bugs and new features can also be found on Github.


Refactor image inspector code #449

The code behind the image inspector has been completely rewritten, in very much the same style as the table inspector code. This refactoring replaces some fragile ad-hoc code with proper abstractions and model types.

Add labels support to table editor #461

The table inspector now has a Label field that lets you add a label to a floating table:

The image inspector has also been extended with a label field in exactly the same way. Release 1.12 will bring a means for inserting cross references to tables and figures into the document.

Minor inspector improvements #484

The user interfaces of the image and table inspectors have been aligned for better consistency. They now share the same structure in terms of floating object layout properties.

Introduce custom ASCII string type for all source manipulation #469

This boring-sounding change was the main cause for the long pause between releases 1.10 and 1.11.

I basically wanted to get rid of some more ad-hoc code and replace it with proper abstractions and corresponding model types. It turned out that I had completely underestimated the scope of the changes that this would require.

I also made one or two bad design decisions along the way, which forced me to backtrack on a larger change at one point, which only increased the amount of work to be done.

The mess I created along the way is hard to describe, but I got really worried at several points in the refactoring if I could ever pull this all back together and make it work again.

In the end, I’m very pleased with the outcome. This investment should pay off in the long run, enabling me to add new features faster, and in a more robust way.



Next Up

Release 1.12 is scheduled for September 10, four weeks from today.