Compositor 1.8

Compositor 1.8 is out, with much improved syntax highlighting, better outline navigation, plenty of bugfixes, and more!

Here’s a selection of what’s new in this release. As usual, the complete list of fixed bugs and new features can be found on Github.


Source editor syntax highlighting improvements #416 #427

Syntax highlighting in the source editor has been improved considerably:

I’m by no means a designer, but I think I found a nice, low-key yet high-contrast color scheme that helps guide the eye in the source editor. The color scheme will be configurable at some point in the future.

Highlight matching braces in source editor #415

The source editor now finds and highlights matching braces as you edit, which is extremely helpful in a lot of cases, like this one:

Expand source editor visible range #41

The source editor now shows snippets (in gray) of the source surrounding the current scope (shown colored in the center):

This should be helpful not not only for better orientation within the document source, it can also be used to navigate to the previous and next scopes by clicking in the gray source areas.

Always center-align source editor window in page #426

The source editor was sometimes strangely aligned on the page:

This has been changed so that the editor will always be center-aligned on the page:

Ship applekeys package with the app #418

There’s a new section in the toolbox for Apple key symbols, as provided by Herb Schulz’s AppleKeys package:

Improve outline navigation #80

Selecting a node in the outline view will now scroll the particular section into view, not just the containing page:

Keyboard shortcuts for “Fit Page” and “Fit Width” #407

I use these a lot:

Add “What’s new in this version” #424

The Help menu how has a link to the release blog post for a version:


Bump minimum required OS version to 10.12 #429

The minimum supported OS version has been increased to 10.12 (from 10.11). I need to do this from time to time in order to take advantage of newer APIs.


Next Up

Release 1.9 is scheduled for April 23, four weeks from today. The main goal for this release is to ship a first iteration of a table editor!

Please note: release 1.8 is the last release with a $19 price tag. The new price will be $29 starting from version 1.9.