Compositor 1.7

Compositor 1.7 is available, bringing more usability improvements and bugfixes!

Here’s a selection of what’s new in this release. As usual, the complete list of fixed bugs and new features can be found on the corresponding release page on Github.


New “Indentation” checkbox in paragraph inspector #67

The paragraph inspector now has a checkbox to control indentation:

Leaving it checked (the default) will result in default paragraph indentation: all but the first paragraphs in a section will be indented.

Unchecking this checkbox will insert a \noindent command in the current paragraph:

Cut/copy/delete selection with formatting trait #396 #398

Consider the following case: you select a region of text that’s fully wrapped in a formatting trait/command (e.g., emphasis):

If you would now cut out or delete the selection, this would leave the empty command behind:

As of version 1.7, the portion of the source cut out or deleted will now include any enclosing formatting traits. This way, there are no empty (invisible) commands left behind in the source.

⌘+/- shortcuts for zooming in/out #388

The document zoom factor can now be increased / decreased with the customary ⌘+ / ⌘- shortcurts.

I only noticed that Compositor was lacking this functionality when I was running the app in a virtual machine that did not support my MacBook’s touch pad, which I normally use to control the document zoom factor. slapping forehead

“Select All” in source editor #400

The source editor now supports “Select All” (⌘A):

Bundle csquotes package with the app #389

The csquotes package, which is used for the “Format / Quotation Marks” formatting option, comes now bundled with the app.


Opt out of dark mode in macOS 10.14 #294

Providing a functional dark mode user experience is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem at first glance. Things like text selection require suitable colors for the text and selection highlight, for example.

Apple acknowledges this in their documentation on dark mode support:

“Adopting both light and dark appearances is strongly encouraged, but there are good reasons to opt out some or all of your interface. For example, views containing printable content should reflect what the user will see on the printed page, which typically means using a white background at all times.”

Since Compositor’s current color scheme does not work with dark mode out of the box, and Apple directly lists Compositor’s use case as an exception, I am opting out of dark mode for now. I plan to add dark mode support at some point in the future, though.

Failed: Add “Insert / URL” and “Format / URL” menu items #397

I tried to add support for the \url{} command in this release, but after spending a fair number of hours on the issue without being able to come up with a robust solution, I stopped working on this and moved this back to the backlog for now.


Next Up

Release 1.8 is scheduled for March 26, four weeks from today.

Please note: release 1.8 will be the last release with a $19 price tag. The new price will be $29 starting with version 1.9.