Compositor 1.5

Yay, Compositor 1.5 is out!

What’s New

Find & Replease

Finally, Compositor has basic Find & Replace!

Hit ⌘F and start typing. Compositor will highlight search results on the fly:


The keyboard shortcuts are:

Lots of bugfixes

Release 1.4 had lots of issues, and I tried to fix the most glaring ones for 1.5.

For the complete list of resolved issues, please visit the release page on Github.

Next Up

To address the quality issues of release 1.4, I want to grow the existing suite of unit and integration tests, and also try to write automated UI tests to automate parts of the smoke and regression testing for a release.

So I will spend the next 3 weeks writing tests, looking for and fixing bugs. The result will probably be released as 1.5.1 on October 9.