Compositor 1.2

Compositor 1.2 is out!

What’s New

The bigger change in this release is support for expl3, the LaTeX 3 programming layer. Many modern LaTeX packages build on this new LaTeX programming layer, so this release is another step towards better and broader support for popular packages.

This version also significantly increases TeX’s internal memory capacity, partly due to the increased memory requirements for LaTeX 3, but other packages should benefit as well. Overall, Compositor 1.2 should be able to digest a much broader range of LaTeX documents than the previous version.

Lastly, the bundled LaTeX distribution has been updated to TeX Live 2018.

For a complete list of resolved issues, please visit the release page on Github.

Next Up

Release 1.3, scheduled for June 19, will be mostly about user interface and usability improvements.