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Zero Turnaround

No more tedious compilation runs. Compositor typesets and renders your LaTeX document on every single keystroke.
Watch the video to see it in action.


Compositor's user interface offers a document outline, inspector panels, toolboxes and other conveniences you'd expect from a modern word processor.


The app comes with its own LaTeX distribution built right in. No need to install any additional software just to get going. This is LaTeX without entry barriers.

The DVI Viewer Is The New Editor

In a traditional LaTeX workflow, you would edit the LaTeX source in a text editor, compile the document every now and then, and check the effects of your changes in the DVI viewer.

In Compositor, the DVI viewer is the document editor — you type directly in the rendered document, and every keystroke is immediately reflected. The source editing and compilation steps are completely eliminated from the workflow.

This not just gives you immediate visual feedback, it should also save you quite some time previously spent on compilation runs.

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feature img

Source Editing When You Need It

There will be situations where you want direct access to the underlying LaTeX source.

Pressing Ctrl+S will open an inline source editor showing the LaTeX source behind the document region you're currently working on (often this will be the current paragraph).

This should allow for a smooth migration experience to this new paradigm, even with commands or environments for which there is no dedicated graphical inspector (yet).

Automatic Package Installation

If your document uses LaTeX packages not bundled with the app, they are automatically downloaded from CTAN.

And if you are using packages not available on CTAN, you can still provide them to the app easily.

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feature img

Compatible with Your Existing Work

Compositor reads and writes regular, plain text .tex files.

This means it's compatible with your existing LaTeX documents*.

Also, there's no lock-in of any kind — you can switch between Compositor and other tools however you wish, since there's no proprietary file format involved.

Download Compositor

Download a preview version now and give it a try!

The preview is free to download and will run for 90 days without any functional limitations. This should give you plenty of time to evaluate the product. Example files to play around with can be found here.

Feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated. You can reach me by email at karl@«this domain» or via Twitter.

Also, if you encounter any issues, please let me know. Note that there is a public issue tracker that lists all currently known issues and planned features.

Bugfixes and improvements will be distributed via a built-in software update service, so everyone will benefit from issues brought to my attention.

Download the Preview

Requires macOS 10.11 or newer

*) Since this is an early preview, it still has quite a few kinks and limitations. Click here for a list of current limitations.

Stay Informed

For news and updates, follow @compositorapp on Twitter, or check back on the blog every now and then.

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The license will be a full-fidelty, regular license, including lifetime updates, no strings attached. The idea is to generate some early revenue while rewarding early adopters with a nice discount in return.

This early adopter discount will end when Compositor version 1.0 is released.

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